Never. Stop. Exploring.

NESTLED in the Ozark Highlands of Reynolds County, Ellington is comprised of just about 1,000 friendly folks – folks who choose to live here because of the natural beauty that can be found around every turn. ABOUNDING with natural attractions and recreation, locals enjoy a laid-back way of life and soak up every aspect of the many natural beauties. LOCATED at the intersection of State Highway 21 and Scenic Highway 106. We can be found approximately 125 miles south, southwest of St Louis; 55 miles west of Poplar Bluff and 170 miles east of Springfield, Mo…..just a short drive from everywhere.

To the southeast of Ellington sits beautiful Clearwater Lake. Whether it is boating, swimming, water skiing, camping, picnicking, sightseeing, hunting or fishing, Clearwater Lake can meet your recreation needs. Beautiful bluffs, miles of unspoiled shoreline and small crowds are what continue to draw visitors back to Clearwater Lake. Webb Creek Recreation Area is located on the west side of the lake. A secluded camping area with pavilions, modern restrooms, a playground, beach, showers and more face the morning sunrise. A full service marina with boat rental is available.

Located at the head of Clearwater Lake is crystal clear Black River. Three rivers, the East Fork, Middle Fork and West Fork come together to form the Black River as they enter Clearwater Lake to the north. Some of the most beautiful scenery in Missouri is to be found along the Black. K Bridge Recreation Area is located just 15 miles east of Ellington. Camping, floating, fishing, picnicking and relaxing are a favorite pastime here. Spend a day floating the Black River and we promise you will be back again and again!

When visiting the Ellington area, a few other things you won’t want to miss are the Reynolds County Museum, Blue Spring, Rocky Falls, Klepzig Mill, the Shut-Ins and Reed Spring. The Current River Conservation Area is home to the first Missouri State Fire Tower and Peck Ranch. Wildlife such as eagles, elk, deer, turkeys and wild birds are abundant and can be seen daily at any of these areas.

Thanks to the recent elk restoration program by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation, elk are now roaming the Ozark Highlands. They can be seen in Peck Ranch, Current River Conservation Area and on private land in the Elk Zone. Since the beginning of the program in 2011, the herd has grown to over 190 cows, calves and bulls. In the fall, the elk can be heard bugling in the early morning or very late evening, October-November.

March through October cyclists travel the 4200 mile cross-country route from Virginia to Oregon via the TransAmerica Trail. This trail, also known as U.S. Bicycle Route 76, passes through Ellington via Highway 21 and scenic Highway 106. Brawley Park is a regular stopover/camping spot for bicyclists, however in the spring of 2014, the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Ellington joined together to open the Route 76 Bike Hostel to accommodate cyclists. The hostel is located next to the Main Street Pavilion on Main Street. Bicyclists are be able to shower, cool off and sleep indoors.

We invite you to pay us a visit, explore our hollers and hills, rivers, trails, lakes and springs. Float, boat, fish, swim, hunt, camp, hike and ride in our natural areas. Don’t be in a rush and remember… everything moves just a bit slower in the country………we invite you to slow down too!

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